Born and raised in Bangor, Maine, Lee Rommel lived in New York and Puerto Rico before moving to the southwest in 1973. Making her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has been painting and teaching for 40 years, inspiring many of her students to become professional artists. Critics have acclaimed her work as "beautifully sensitive, yet strong and skillful". Multi-talented, she works in watercolors, oils, pastels and bronze sculpture.

Statement: I have been fortunate to have been represented in fine art galleries in Santa Fe and the Southwest since 1974. My first gallery was Kachina Gallery on Old Santa Fe Trail. I was working in watercolors at that time. Kachina Gallery closed after 5 years. My next gallery representation was Savage Galleries in Santa Fe, Dallas, and Scottsdale for 13 years until Savage closed his galleries. I went on to Christine of Santa Fe Gallery at La Fonda Hotel. My art was represented there for 19 years until Christine's closed Jan. 2009. Interesting how all three of these galleries were located close to the same corner of Old Santa Fe Trail and Water Street! During these years my work was also represented in Taos.

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